Stretch Your Mind

Welcome to the space where I’ll share some of my thoughts, tips and exercises to keep you motivated in your writing.

As someone who has been journaling for thirty years,  stretching the mind by writing about topics we may not ordinarily write about is important. Pump up your creative writing skills by journaling to untraveled territory in your mind rather than falling into the same old patterns of thought.

The following writing prompt was featured in the Well for the Journey‘s  “Daily Listening: A Summer of Reflection-Collection of Meditations.”

Join me in writing about How your spirit is moved through nature.

  • Make a list of your experiences in nature and the outdoors.
  • Which aspects of nature most connected you with spiritually?
  • What does experiencing nature teach you about life?


picture of the mind

2 thoughts on “Stretch Your Mind”

  1. Thanks for the important prompt. My spiritual place is staring at ocean at the beach. until I read this prompt, I though of it as “my happy place” ,but actually it is the place where I feel the vastness of the universe and the feeling of oneness with the earth and it’s living creatures.


  2. I love this! I agree it’s easy to full into a rut when journaling regularly. This is a great prompt for spring and the change of seasons.


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