YOU have a purpose…

On a recent fall trip to Cape Cod a long-time friend and I enjoyed a walk on the beach. At the entrance to the dunes, a school class displayed painted rocks. The sign encouraged visitors to take a rock as a ‘gift’. The rock I selected said, “You have a purpose.”

The rock sits on my writing desk and reminds me to think about “my purpose”.  Many times we think of our purpose in terms of a career or vocation. The rock has encouraged me to look beyond a career and see my purpose differently. For me, my purpose is to be there for friends and family. I am called to find different skills that offer support, encouragement, sympathy, company and more….

Journal about a connection of your ‘purpose’ to someone else. Who is benefiting from YOUR purpose? What skills were used to fulfill your purpose? What was the outcome? What did you learn about yourself? What surprised you?

1 thought on “YOU have a purpose…”

  1. Liz. I believe we all have a purpose well being what we do for a living. I love that your purpose involves family and friends. As I have grown I realize we all can change the world one moment at a time. You are doing that by encouraging others to go deep n write about it. Thanks .


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