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Experiencing gratitude through JOY…

In the New York Times Bestseller, the book of JOY, the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu discuss the meaning of JOY.

“Joy,” as the Archbishop said during the week, “is much bigger that happiness. While happiness is often seen as being dependent on external circumstances, joy is not.” This state of mind – and hear – is much closer to both the Dalai Lama’s and the Archbishop’s understanding of what animates our lives and what ultimately leads to a life of satisfaction and meaning.

The book encourages us to connect gratitude with Joy. The practice is simple. Each day recall three things from which you are grateful. Write these in your journal. They can be as simple as the smile of a grandchild, the colors of a bird, the generosity of a stranger. Keeping this simple list has been shown over time to have emotional and physical benefits.

What are your three things today?





Seasonal Change

Saying goodbye to summer is a time to reflect. With the passing of a season we experience memories, surprises, regrets but more importantly new opportunities.

As you reflect on the ending of summer consider journaling on one or all of the questions:

  1. A happy or special event or moment…
  2. A regret of missed opportunity…
  3. An act of kindness – done by you or for you…
  4. A goal that was met…
  5. A new experience or ‘step out of your comfort zone’ experience…
  6. A change for better or worse, by choice (or not)…

Summer, the last smile…

summer end


Stretch Your Mind

Welcome to the space where I’ll share some of my thoughts, tips and exercises to keep you motivated in your writing.

As someone who has been journaling for thirty years,  stretching the mind by writing about topics we may not ordinarily write about is important. Pump up your creative writing skills by journaling to untraveled territory in your mind rather than falling into the same old patterns of thought.

The following writing prompt was featured in the Well for the Journey‘s  “Daily Listening: A Summer of Reflection-Collection of Meditations.”

Join me in writing about How your spirit is moved through nature.

  • Make a list of your experiences in nature and the outdoors.
  • Which aspects of nature most connected you with spiritually?
  • What does experiencing nature teach you about life?


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